In 2006 (after a one-shot attempt the previous year), ESR began expanding its operations by running screenings as a way to promote itself among the filmgoing community.

In the process, the screenings took on a life of their own with a community separate from the publication, but that's okay-- whether on screen or on print, ESR is willing to preach the gospel in any format.

What follows is a reverse chronological archive of all screenings, and more to come.


In 2008, ESR was invited to participate in Stacey Case's marvelous screening series. At first this venue was bi-weekly, until in spring 2008 Stacey decided to make it a weekly event, recruiting the services of Jonathan Culp, Rob Cruickshank, Dan The Mouth, Katie Durant and yours truly to fill the schedule with weird and wonderful films.... all presented on glorious 16mm.

For further info on Trash Palace, visit their website here.


For two cycles, ESR showed movies on video at the cozy venue Centre for the Arts in beautiful downtown Toronto.

The Eclectic Screening Room surely lived up to its name with a roster of independent films, shorts, ephemeral films, B movies, drive-in movie fests, and of course, the ever popular beatnik flicks.

An Evening of Short Films
Featuring the Oscar-winning The Resurrection of Broncho Billy, Kelton's Dark Corner with Paul Marco reprising his role as Kelton the Cop, Casey Walker's comic nightmare The Morning After, Brian Random's Playmobil epic Ice Cold Heat, Jeff Stephenson's devastating Chasing Daylight, and a mystery screening of one of my most favourite shorts of all time-- (hint: look at the ad).

The cult hit comedy Cube Van has drawn an audience on Shaw and Rogers "On Demand"-- it was the number one Canadian movie from November 2006 to January 2007. And for those who didn't have cable or satellite, The Eclectic Screening Room gave you a chance to see this movie on screen!

If there was one night at ESR I could choose to relive, this one would win- hands down.

In the first hour of the program, we presented the short Greenwich Village Sunday, clips from The Rebel Set, Bucket of Blood, Petticoat Junction, and many more... followed by an episode of the Johnny Staccato TV series, featuring John Cassavetes on the trail of a missing beat poet!  After a pause for the cause, so people could fill up on espresso, we picked up with The Bloody Brood featuring Peter Falk leading a group of killer existential beatniks on the rampage!

ESR's old friend Skot Deeming was guest of honour in this fun-filled night, carrying on his annual tradition that he started in London at his own venue, Cinema Subterrain.

Shatnerfest 3 featured an hour's worth of crazy musical performances and clips of Canada's greatest actor, followed by the feature, Go Ask Alice, the infamous TV movie in which Captain Kirk is the father of the high school girl who gets hooked on drugs.

In the spirit of Halloween, and in the release of The Roger Corman Scrapbook, ESR had a double of two chillers.

First we showed Creature From the Haunted Sea, Roger Corman's craziest film ever (and I know that's saying a lot), followed by Tormented, a terrific little ghost story from Bert I. Gordon.

Russ Forster, the man behind the fanzine 8 Track Mind, and its filmed companion, So Wrong They're Right (about people who collect 8-track tapes), brings us another cross-country tour about people who carry pieces of pop culture with them: in this case, the phenomenon of rock and roll cover bands.

Back to School Special was our look back at mass manipulation via educational films, featuring A Case for Beer, Ghost Rider, The Snob, What About Juvenile Delinquency, Live and Learn, Overs and Outs, Joy Ride: An Auto Theft, and of course, Safety Woman in Safety: Harm Hides at Home.

Our first screening at Centre for the Arts was the first annual Indoor Drive-In Festival.

We featured the documentary Drive-In Movie Memories, and the mind-bending 1955 cult classic Daughter of Horror.


The grandmother of all screenings.

For the release of ESR's 16th issue, we held a screening at Innis Town Hall, featuring the shorts: Brian Random's Pop Carts, Skot Deeming's P2P, John Reed's Fuddlebe, and Bill Heath's Pororoca: Surfing The Amazon.

After the intermission, Roger Moore flexed his pecs in Romulous and the Sabines.